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36 2089d 10h iacchi / Change line-height for paragraphs  
35 2089d 10h iacchi / Font change: DejaVu Sans -> Open Sans  
34 2767d 01h iacchi / Aggiustato marnine paragrafo e altezza linea di testo  
33 2787d 11h iacchi / Change h3 color for subpage widget  
32 2787d 12h iacchi / Modified font size for <code> in .form-allowed-tags  
31 2787d 12h iacchi / <code> font at 11pt  
30 2794d 06h iacchi / increased version number, fucking  
29 2794d 06h iacchi / fixed error on searchform  
28 2794d 07h iacchi / screenshot updated  
27 2795d 07h iacchi / Change theme name: Simple Dark Theme -> ZenDark  
26 2798d 09h iacchi / fixed php short tag in content-single.php  
25 2798d 09h iacchi / fixed WP automatic theme check errors  
24 2798d 11h iacchi / run check avatar function only if needed  
23 2799d 07h iacchi / updated screenshot with new font  
22 2799d 08h iacchi / updating changelog for release (let's hope)  
21 2799d 08h iacchi / moving css files to root folder, so they can be edited from wp administration  
20 2799d 08h iacchi /css/ removing serif font for blockquote: sans renders better on Windows  
19 2799d 08h iacchi /fonts/ and remove the old ones...  
18 2799d 08h iacchi /fonts/ adding the font files...  
17 2799d 08h iacchi / change fonts from GNU Free to DejaVu  
16 2799d 14h iacchi / added code for sticky posts  
15 2800d 01h iacchi /fonts/ changing font type from TrueType to OpenType because it displays better on Windows  
14 2800d 08h iacchi / update changelog  
13 2800d 08h iacchi / css fix for compatibility with IE8 and FF3.6  
12 2800d 11h iacchi / Official initial release  
11 2800d 12h iacchi /js/ fixed js for zenphoto resize  
10 2800d 12h iacchi / Working on js  
9 2800d 12h iacchi / Working on js  
8 2800d 12h iacchi /js/  
7 2800d 12h iacchi / Solved tag/tags and category/categories  
6 2800d 14h iacchi / Add screenshot.png  
5 2800d 14h iacchi /css/ Really fix the css table issue  
4 2800d 14h iacchi / Fix css table error  
3 2800d 15h iacchi / Nuova versione 1.0  
2 2800d 15h iacchi / Removing old files  
1 3927d 05h iacchi / Initial release